Who are we?
Becmer is an experienced project team consisting of architects and graphic designers. We have many years of experience in creating architectural visualization and we have won many architectural competitions for our customers.

Nowadays, visualizations are often the main measure of an architectural concept. It is important to present them in an alluring and attractive manner, while maintaining the speed of their execution. That is why what we offer is beneficial for clients where time is an important factor, such as architectural competitions, the development of bids, etc.

How we work?
Due to the emphasis on speed, we prefer to work on the 3d file entrusted by the customer. Data visualization is accepted in the form of electronic files, such as sketch up, 3ds, or rhino. Also, images of inspiration and materials, sketches, drawings in scale and 2D drawings are important.

If the customer does not have a 3D model, we develop them with separate arrangements.

After receiving the complete data model and adapting it to our needs, we engage the target staff and commence the project. We allow full control throughout the entire process until the final effect, as well as provide ongoing progress updates.

When complete, visualizations are delivered in electronic form to the specified email address.